UHS is being conceptualized as the finest Tertiary Medical Centre in Sudan to be promoted as a national referral hub. The medical services in Sudan have many inadequacies that complicate the process of diagnosing and treating the patients. Universal hospital Sudan aims to facilitate all the inadequacies so as to be considered as the first integrated medical centre in Sudan providing optimum medical care with high standard medical services.

This will be reflected on decreasing the number of patients who seek management abroad, elevating the medical standards in Africa thereby welcoming patients from neighbouring countries who require over adequate levels of care and providing a competent working environment for renowned doctors to implement satisfactory care in a comfortable environment.

Universal Hospital is built and designed according to the JCI standards and the Sudanese Ministry of Health regulations, in cooperation with Universal International Hospitals Group; who have a very competent management and administrative advisers specialized in hospital planning and administration.

Medical equipment needed for each department, the operation plans and the policies and protocols were adjusted accordingly. The workflow plan is departmental, each head of department runs the administrative and medical issues of the department. The executive director and the departments' heads have hospital administration experiences in developed countries; so they help in improving the level of the hospital services beyond the known level of medical services in Sudan.

The hospital occupies 70.000 m2 the area of the main building in 50.000 m2 divided into eight spacious levels and composed of 480 bed divided  in different departments, also the hospital power and electromechanical building is linked to the main building.
The building is well equipped by the most modern medical and technical equipment needed to provide the best sterilized and healthy environment for staff and patients, with continuous power supply. New methods were used like the ultraviolet rays’ air sterilization and the use of laminar flow system in the operation rooms.

At UHS, our mission statement is simple, yet we believe that it gets to the heart of what we strive to provide each day- Great Patient Care. We define great patient care as care that is clinically excellent, safe, patient and family centred and efficient for both patients and caregivers. Preventing patient harm is central to our mission.
We’ve adopted a continuous improvement philosophy that seeks continuously of care improvement by focusing on what is important to patients.

UHS is targeting the highest world class quality of services, thus through the best eligible and competent staff.
Continuality of highly standard services is our goal. For this, a large training room that contains 400 seats in addition to small lecture rooms were properly built and prepared. Continuous and frequent training and education session for the medical and administrative staff will be held in it.  
Our non- medical services including the kitchen, laundry and room services were prepared according to the highest international standards, thus to provide our guests with the best and most comfortable services world wide.

We are proud to provide the first integrated paperless hospital software system in Sudan, that connects all the hospital disciplines and serves all the administrative, medical and technical purposes of the hospital. This system will insure you a superb services provided by less waiting time, adequate appointments time, fast services delivery and highly secured and accurate medical information and filing system. 
PET scan: A positron emission tomography (PET) scan is an advanced imaging test that allows to see exactly how well your organs and tissues are working, also it gives the best view of complex systemic diseases.
SPECT scan: A single-photon emission computerized tomography (SPECT) scan lets your doctor to accurately analyse the function of some of your internal organs.

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