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Specialists in the Department of Emergency Medicine at UHS treat life-threatening illnesses. Teams of board-certified physicians, registered nurses, advanced midlevel providers and other specially trained staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to treat patients at any age who seek emergency medical care.
The department is equipped to handle patients brought by private auto, ambulance or Helicopter, with minor illness or injury to critically acute medical or trauma conditions, in addition to providing immediate treatment and initiating life-saving procedures in all types of emergency situations.
Our paediatric emergency team provides an environment in our emergency room that is non-threatening and calming to children and informative and assuring to their parents. All patients receive care from team members who specialize in caring for children.

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Our distinctively equipped 27 patient’s beds are ready to receive all the different types of cases, and to provide them with the high quality services and emergency care. Thus through a dynamic and highly committed to the international emergency policies system.
We are offering for the first time in Sudan the most recent emergency technologies that helps in the acceleration of the medical services, this subsequently improves the management outcome. Instance, we supply our department with a telemedicine program, that connect the ambulance with the emergency room’s doctor and team. In order to prepare the special patient’s considerations before his actual arrival to the emergency unit.

UHS provides its emergency department with the most integrated equipment and medical furniture in Sudan, from the best medical suppliers’ brands worldwide.

UHS has the best emergency team in Sudan and worldwide. They all holds an Internationally and local Recognized certificates, and are properly trained to handle all the emergency, trauma and life threatening illnesses patients.

Doctors team in UHS are seen as thought-leaders and quick witted in the area of emergency and trauma patients handling. Although our implemented healthcare improvement system, facilitates more commitment to the international care standards. Like error disclosure, patient safety morbidity and mortality rounds, quality improvement, and resource stewardship.

14 well medically furnished and supplied emergency beds

2  uniquely equipped minor theatre rooms

6 perfectly designed observation beds

2 highly monitored resuscitation rooms

2 high standard isolation rooms

1 integrated orthopaedic room

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