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UHS is an acute care hospital providing an extensive range of inpatient, outpatient and critical care services. The inpatient wards are well equipped with the most advanced medical, surgical and diagnostic technology in Sudan, the Hospital is able to provide the very best care to the admitted patients. As a world class tertiary facility many of our specialists offer subspecialty expertise and we are a tertiary referral centre for many other hospitals.         
Our hospital has established reputation for providing quality healthcare to our local community, the veteran community and patients travelling from throughout Sudan and the neighbouring countries.
Patients enter inpatient care mainly from previous ambulatory care such as referral from a family doctor, our outpatient clinics or through emergency departments. Also patients can be transfer to the ward from intermediate care units or intensive care units.

  • Services
  • Tools and equipment
  • Staff
  • Doctors
  • Bedding and room calcification

During inpatient stay, patients regularly meet with our medical director, treating physician, and members of the treatment team to develop an individualized treatment plan for recovery. The patient and their family play a significant role in developing this plan. Our treatment programs focus on education, counselling, close case follow-up by the nurses, resident doctor and treating physician.  
Our mission is to try to make your hospital stay as comfortable as possible. Your care and treatment are supported by various services, which you can use during your visit. 
The inpatient IT system is perfectly designed and completely computerized, thus to assure the accuracy of the patient follow-up and treatment plans.

The inpatient ward is supplied by unparalleled medical and safety equipment, each nurse station has its own crash cart ready for the emergencies situations. The inpatient rooms are uniquely furnished -according to the international risk management safety polices-, by the most sophisticated medical furniture world wide, and well designed lockers and toilets.

UHS inpatient staff are seen as thought-leaders in the area of patient care, follow-up, adjusting new events, safety and quality improvement. They contribute to the design and delivery of educational initiatives with organization.

We are offering excellent medical care through an expert team of physicians and specialists to create an unsurpassed healing environment. Our goal is to provide highly personalized care to enable people with disabling conditions to achieve their goals and to pursue life with meaning and purpose.

The inpatient rooms are 240 room-248 beds- divided into 6 floors, each floor has different type of rooms, all are well designed and equipped.

 Standard room 38 rooms
 Deluxe room 82 rooms
 Junior room 54 rooms
 Family room 5 rooms
 Suite room 30 rooms
 VIP room 32 rooms
 Presidential room 3 rooms


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