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The incidence of cancer is increasing, particularly because of the increase in life expectancy arising from worldwide improvements in standards of living. According to recent estimates of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately ten million new cases of cancer are being detected per year worldwide, with slightly more than half of the cases occurring in developing countries. About half of all cancer patients receive radiotherapy, either as part of their primary treatment or in connection with recurrences or palliative treatment. Radiotherapy is a multidisciplinary speciality, using complex equipment and procedures for assessment, planning and delivery of treatment.

It is estimated that approximately 3300 teletherapy machines are currently installed in developing countries. This figure is significantly below the estimated needs, of almost 5000 machines at present and about 10 000 machines by the year 2015.

Taking this into account, in addition to the great need for qualified professionals (radiation oncologists, medical radiotherapy physicists, radiotherapy technicians, radiation protection officers, maintenance engineers, etc.), the future development of the medical infrastructure for cancer treatment appears to be a substantial undertaking.

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To make high standard cancer treatment available and affordable for all Sudanese patients.
Aims :   
To establish an oncology centre facility for treating cancer patients from all-over Sudan and nearby countries.
Improve the end result of cancer treatment and increase the survival rate of cancer patients through improving the utilization of equipment, chemotherapy and other agents.
The proposed facility will provide teaching and training for the university medical and postgraduate students.

The proposed facility is expected to furnish grounds for health education and cancer control programs and to play an active role in this regard.
The facility will avail basic and clinical research directed towards the aetiology, management and early detection of cancer.
It will add to the existing cancer treatment facilities and relief the pressure from the other centres which are already under stress.

  • Breast and Gynaecological cancers.
  • Gastro-intestinal cancers.
  • Urology cancers.
  • Soft tissues and bones cancers.
  • Haematological cancers.
  • Operating teletherapy machines: linacs, 60Co units, and superficial and orthovoltage Xray units;
  • Operating simulator and other imaging devices for therapy purposes: CT scanners and simulators (RTT-Sims);

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