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Outpatient department is one of the first point of contact between the hospital staff and patients; it reflects the quality of care given by the hospital and the human relation and the public relation skills of the hospital staff.

Universal outpatient department is the biggest outpatient complex in Sudan, it is located in the basement floor, includes 75 clinics divided into the different subspecialties. This apart from the ENT, Ophthalmology and Dental care.

Our vision is to be renowned as the best integrated care organization in Sudan.
Our aim is to provide the best medical care service with a very accurate appointment system and smooth work flow. To obtain total patient satisfaction.

  • Services
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Staff
  • Doctors
  • Bedding & Rooms Classifications

The hospital facilitates very modern technologies to support the process of patient diagnosis and treatment.

Create an integrated system with optimum patient care thus to reach the total patient satisfaction.
The system main concern is to provide Sustained and continuity of high standard patient care through highly motivated and trained hospital staff.

UHS issued for the first time in Sudan a very accurate appointment, feedback, digital signage and colored signage systems. Focusing on filling the systems’ defects and inadequacies thus to simplify the appointment process, give the customers multiple easy accessible appointment reservation options, reduce the waiting time, give an accurate service time and follow with the patient after receiving the service provided thus to monitor and measures the real time employees’ performance and to detect if there are any system inadequacies.

The basement complex composes of well designed and equipped clinics and a very advanced endoscopy and neurophysiology centres. All are designed in an integrated way to serve the maximum patient care and in respect to the patients needs.

The clinics are fully equipped with high standard diagnostic set and tools in respect of the infection control measures.

The endoscopy department is the first integrated endoscopy complex in Sudan, supported with very high technology set up. Includes adult and pediatric scopes and the ERCP machine. The neurophysiology complex is a very well designed complex that runs all the neurophysiology investigations needed for appropriate patient treatment plan. 

The hospital recruitment plan is to pick the renowned employees to sustain the aim and vision of the hospital.

The hospital Doctors were cautiously selected among Sudan and worldwide. All of them have overseas training and educational skills. Thus to help in improving the quality of health care in Sudan beyond the known level.

The clinics are 120 clinic divided into:

  • Two pathology clinics.
  • Fourteen surgery clinics.
  • Twenty-one medicine clinics.
  • Thirteen obstetric, gynaecology, fertility and Fetal medicine clinics.
  • Six paediatric clinics.
  • Frothy clinic for the oncology centre use. 
  • The endoscopy complex contains one doctor office, one ERCP room and three scopes rooms. 
  • The neurophysiology complex composes of 6 rooms to run all the studies needed.

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