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We know children aren’t just miniature adults. They’re kids – with a kid’s needs, feelings and fears. Universal Hospital Pediatric team is trained to understand the special physical and emotional needs of children. Our caring team of doctors, nurses and specialists is here to diagnose and treat your child, but also to guide and educate your entire family. You want the best for your child – and so do we.
Universal’s Paediatric Department located in the fourth floor. It is considered as the topmost biggest Paediatric complex in Sudan. Apart from the well-established Paediatrics’ outpatient and emergency departments, the fourth floor Paediatric department composes paediatric ICU, neonatal ICU, isolation rooms, breast feeding room, food preparing rooms and inpatient rooms.
Our mission is dedicated to maximizing the health and independence of the children we serve.
Our vision is to be a premier leader in providing specialty health care for children, as distinguished by our quality of care, Service excellence, Innovation, Multidisciplinary approach, Family focus and Outstanding workforce.

  • Services
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Doctors
  • Bedding & Rooms Classifications

We Created an integrated system to provide Sustained and continuity of high standard patient care through highly motivated and trained hospital staff thus to reach the total patient satisfaction.
With a passionate, highly skilled and committed staff, we provide a full range of clinical services, tertiary care, health promotion and prevention programs for children and young people. In harmony with the international infection control principles and guidelines.
UH Sudan offers an Inpatient Pediatric Service (IPS) specializing in the care of hospitalized children. The IPS consists of a group of full-time, board-certified pediatricians and specialists who are available to provide 24-hour, onsite personalized care to hospitalized children. Our paediatric experts understand how treatments today affect growing bodies in the future and are specially trained to meet the needs of children and teens.
We designed the neonatal ICU and the feeding room to be next to the delivery room and Obstetric ward thus to keep the bond between the mother and child.

UHS Sudan provided a very well designed and equipped Paediatric department to facilitate all the medical services and rehabilitation needed in a very rhythmic way and in respect of the infection control measures.

The Paediatric Department’s Team are cautiously selected from Sudan and worldwide. They all holds an Internationally Recognized board and training certificates.

  • 25 neonatal ICU beds
  • 10 paediatric ICU beds
  • 6 isolation ICU rooms divided into two neonates and one young children rooms
  • 24 inpatient rooms
  • one breast feeding room
  • one food preparation room
  • doctors’ and nurses’ offices

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