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UHS Pharmacy department provides the Hospital with competent staff with safe, cost effective, comprehensive, progressive pharmaceutical services of the highest quality in order to maximize care for patients of all ages. The pharmacy department also ensure the all laws and regulations are complied, it is one of the areas of hospital development.

Universal hospital pharmacy is open 24 hours a day, and it includes seven subunits that integrated with the dispensing section, manufacturing section, quality assurance section, and clinical pharmacy services. The department is expected to optimize the preparation, dispensing, and distribution of medications, thus the international policies and regulations for safe medication handling are highly followed. 

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Our services are provided to all patients, and it includes, dispensing and distribution of medication, processing medication orders, providing drug information services, participating in quality improvement programs, participating in hospital activities, medication counselling, teaching rational use of medicine to hospital medical staff, and ensuring the availability of medications with affordable prices. Consequently, this will improve pharmaceutical care practice and increase productivity, this through the different department subunits.

The Department of Pharmacy demonstrates its continued commitment to improved quality of care through its involvement in many medication safety initiatives and use of automation technologies that allow for safer medication use process.

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