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UHS Radiology Department is extremely distinguished as the first of its kind in Sudan, it’s entirely digitalized, and provides the highest quality in diagnostics, treatments, imaging services in a caring, safe, and most efficient environment that is enhanced by outstanding educational and training programs. Our team approach allows examinations to be performed, interpreted and delivered to your doctor on the same day in most cases.

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We are providing quality, safe, patient-centred care to the communities we serve. The department provides the referring physicians and their patients with the highest level of diagnostic interpretation and work closely with them to assure the best possible outcome. Our department includes more subspecialties than any other local facility, that’s why an unrivalled knowledge is brought to each diagnosis.

Our system is digital based imaging system, this presents itself as RIS and PACS systems, these stands for Radiology information system and Picture Archival Communication System. Which translates to the fact that once a study is obtained images are immediately transferred to our PACS Network and the images can be visualized in different views by any Physician in the Radiology department and throughout the Hospital. Also the system has the facility to automatically record the voice of the reporting team so as to increase the accuracy of the reporting process.
Our Radiology department offer a very accurate appointment system which based on electronic queuing system, illustrated in digital signs and voice recording system, with respect to the emergency cases

UHS Radiology department delivers a wide array of diagnostic imaging tests ranging from three conventional digital X-Ray to two high speed multi-detector CT (MDCT) 128 slides and 16 slides, high field strength 1.5 and 3 Tesller MRI machines, full field digital mammogram, three digital fluoroscopy machines and ultrasound machines for all the different specialities. A variety of image-guided treatment choices, such as RF ablation of liver tumours’, uterine fibroid embolization and occlusion of intracranial aneurysms are also available.
Our UHG radiology department afford portable X-RAY and U/S machines to be located in the emergency department and inpatient ward, thus to enhance the services for the patient on urgent needs.

We realize that in order to meet our goals, we must make diversity and innovation top priorities. By embracing diversity and inclusion, we are able to bring together a team of leaders in radiology and supportive staff with varied skill sets, perspectives and experiences. A diverse team is best equipped to foster the innovation that will meet today’s greatest unmet challenges in healthcare. 

A fully qualified and completely registered doctors who are expertise in taking, interpreting and diagnosing medical pictures.

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