Supportive Services

Housekeeping Department

MISSION STATEMENT: To established aseptically clean and healthy environment through trained housekeeping employees.
Our key in achieving our goal is to ensure employee motivation and in-service various aspect of the housekeeping field includes safety and infection control, following the main functions:

  • Cleaning of In-patient rooms, clinics and public areas
  • Interior decoration, room maintenance, safety and security
  • Disinfecting of all critical areas
  • Implement the waste management policies and procedures
  • Collaborate with the infection control team
  • Laundry Department
  • Food & Beverage
  • Main Kitchen

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide hygienically cleaned linen, convenient laundry services and equipped of well-trained friendly staff that gives the highest standard of service in the hospital
Our goal is to provide the highest quality of linens to our patients and ensuring a comfortable and satisfactory experience from patient to patient.

Main functions of Laundry:

  • Collecting and washing of linens
  • To provide hygienically clean linen
  • Segregate the infectious linens and handle it with special treatment
  • Implement the infection control policies and procedures
  • Collaborate with the infection control team

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service to our patient, relatives, visitors and colleagues. To be known as one of the best quick service provider in Sudan and all over Africa 
Being the BEST means we provide outstanding service, cleanliness, quality and value so we can make every patient in every room smile.

Café Mezzanine: The café has a modern style of menu that caters our patient relatives, visitors and employees with a very affordable price that will suit their budget. It is located on the first floor right above the main reception.
Room Service:  a phone call away to order and we will be at your door steps within 30 minutes. We develop the concept of delivery with the style of room service that can easily attend the needs of our patients, their families and visitor’s.
Terraza Restaurant: Terraza is an elegant family International restaurant which is situated on the 6th floor of the hospital. Enjoy the most spectacular and romantic view of overlooking the historical Nile River and the bustling city of Khartoum. Our food is prepared with the desire to achieve a balance between elegance and simplicity. The wide range of international menu offers us the freedom to serve our multinational customers.

Our Mission:
We are committed to the care and improvement of human life. In recognition with this commitment, we deliver high quality meals with the guidance of extra ordinary professionals.
Our Vision:
We will enhance our superior quality and service with personalised care, our patients, their families and our communities will experience us as connected and coordinated around their health. We will strengthen our capabilities in providing with uncompromising approach to quality and safety.

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